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May 17-17— Poppin Poppies workshop

Looks like this workshop was a great success!!

Jun 20-17—Making Guild greeting cards

Jul 18-17—Jennifer Holden trunk show

July 19-17–Sunflower  Bargello workshop– or Twisted Log Cabin workshop…you choose which one you would like to take:)

Twisted Log Cabin

A twist on the regular log cabin this paper pieced version creates visual illusions depending on placement of colours and how many colours are used. A great way to use the colour wheel to pick your colours and create stunning blocks. Whether muted, pastels or brights this block is a winner in any colour scheme.

Use the 2 way twist of right and left or just a single twist to create many different pleasing designs and effects.

The center piece is roughly 20x 20 and the whole piece is 36″sq. 
All templates and other information is provided in class. There is no actual printed pattern. 
18 different fabrics are needed 3 different colours with 6 of each colour ranging from light to dark. I have had others use just 3 colours with no gradation and they have also looked stunning.  If using the 18 colours then approximately 1/4 meter of each which is way more than enough – could get away with less depending what position they are in in the design.  
For all levels of quilters. 

Aug 15-17—Game Night

Sept 19-17—Charity Group Information Night



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