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A Must See: Travelling Trunk Shows

February 10, 2019

trunkshow of quilts from new zealand

A trunkshow of quilts from New Zealand will be presented at the Erie Shores Quilters’ Guild meeting Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Kingsville Arena. Come and join us!

Bountiful Harvest Quilt Show

March 5, 2018

Location:  Meadow Brook Church, Leamington Ontariopostcard

Anniversary Celebration

June 14, 2017

Anniversary celebration
We have heard lots of positive comments about our anniversary meeting! It was great to
have such a good turnout. Good memories were shared. The entertaining slide
presentation was the result of lots of time put in by Licia Cipkar and Paul, her helpful
husband, who gathered all the photos from numerous albums. And Heather Northrup’s
husband, Grant, who put all the photos on a stick for the projector.
We really appreciated all the support received from you, both by attending and allowing us to do something special in the way of a nice gift for each member!
Thanks again!
Your executive

Members gift of the “Little Notebook”

May 31, 2017

Loving the little notebook!  What about you? Have you tried the binding needles yet? And I want to say, isn’t it the best that we have such a supportive and friendly guild?! Have you given any thought to joining our executive? Maybe as hostess? That’s just one of the open positions.

little notebook

New Executive Board–September 2017

May 31, 2017

Would you consider joining us on the ESQG Executive Board?  We’re looking for members to join us in filling the following positions come September

President                                                                       Vice President

Treasurer                                                                       Secretary

Programs and Workshops                                          Historian

Hostess                                                                           Advertising


If you’ve enjoyed being a member of Erie Shores Quilt Guild, it’s because so many people are working away in the background to make it all happen.

**If there are any positions you would be willing to fill, please contact one of the executive…you won’t regret it.


A few details about Hostess position, as per our by-laws: take attendance and welcome guests. Provide bottled water for sale to membership at the general meetings (optional, and we have a cooler on wheels to accommodate). And also to work with the Program Chair to arrange for vendors as needed. This position can be shared. Our current hostesses are doing a great job, I’m sure they’ll be happy to help the new hostess(es) settle in.

If you’re not swooning over the idea of the hostess position, you might consider Publicity/Advertising. Sounds daunting, right? Not! Can you contact businesses and offer them a small spot in our newsletter? Maybe make a call to the local press about our upcoming quilt show or other event? Our executive will give you all kinds of support and help with this, please consider taking it on. It’s a fun and friendly group of people doing their best to provide quilty pleasure. C’mon, don’t be scared.


May 12, 2017

The ESQG Charity Program has a new charity:  Southgate Retirement Home.  We already have 10 lap quilts & 15 quilt bundles to be quilted.   30 lap quilts is our goal by the end of May/18.   I know we can do it!SOUTHGATE project for charity 2018

May 12, 2017
franny 1

This is the technique Franny will be teaching at Charity Sew Day. Hope you can make it.