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Happy Autumn
As the chilly weather rolls in we start to think about snuggling up in our cozy quilts.
The charity group needs some help to finish up (quilting) our quilt bundles to help keep the less
fortunate warm.
If you’re interested in quilting one of our quilt bundles please contact me and l will drop a package
off at your door. I’d be happy to pick up the finished quilt the next month or two.
Just two members met in September from our charity group but we were able to get 12 quilts
bundled and ready to go.
Because of Covid 19 we were limited in our donations this past year.
We were able to donate 18 twin size quilts and 3 couch size quilts to The Bridges.
Hiatus House, Andrew’s Hug Apparel and Country Village Nursing Home remain on our donation list
this year.
Stay safe and keep on quilting
Sandy Beneteau
Charity coordinator

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