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SOUTHGATE project for charity 2018

The ESQG Charity Program has a new charity, Southgate Retirement Home. We already have 10 lap quilts & 15 quilt bundles to be quilted. 30 lap quilts is our goal by the end of May/18. I know we can do it!



The ladies are hard at work, or should I say play:)

Sewing Days:

Location:  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Leamington

Monday–June 5

Linda Colussi has a new pattern that will use strip piecing, and build quilt tops quickly.  Thank you everyone for your participation!

Franny Charity Program Coordinator



Charity Quilts Dimensions
Royal Oak Long Term Care in Kingsville
Three wheelchair sizes:
32” x 34”
33” x 40”
30” x 40”
Hiatus House in Windsor
Single bed size:
52” x 62” for a basic size; also slightly larger is ok.
Needed are quilts for children

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